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About Us

Use our network to build your's

By having a network of Partners we are able to provide sourcing solutions to you for quality, timing and pricing that is expected in today's market. Windsor Tooling Services has an extensive network that can provide multiple options for tooling or part runs for small to large projects.

Why Windsor Tooling Services?

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Product Knowledge

We have over 38 years experience in the industry. While understanding we have not seen every application in the industry, our strong knowledge base and experience enables us to ask the correct questions so we can specify the right solution.


Strategic Partnering

With our Network of Partners we can cover the North American markets with the Tooling requirements you need. We utilize Partners for Tooling both Domestic and Offshore to ensure we provide the services and quality you need to be successful.



We are in the Service Industry. The majority of products we represent have available solutions with our competitors. What differentiates us, is our ability to find the right solution. When issues arise, we are there to ensure it is handled quickly and professionally.