Mold Flows

Our Partner is Gold Certified and can provide Fill & Pack Analysis with multiple iterations starting at $1,000. Our Cool & Warp Analysis start at $700.

SR & ED Consulting

Our Partner is a Specialist with over 17 years of successful track record that provides a 100% guarantee in results in 90 days. We successfully secure millions of dollars in SR & ED tax credits.

Rapid Proto Type

Advantage Engineering was founded in 1994 by offering advanced computer aided design and CNC machine programing to mold builders. This basis of CAD/CAM and machining capabilities has been enhanced countless times as injection molding capability along with sheet metal forming and trimming has allowed us to meet our customer’s request in plastic and sheet metal. Once Advantage mastered the art of rapid prototype along with aluminum injection tooling for making injected molded parts in quick succession, we moved into limited production. Advantage now offers low – or as we say “limited” production molding and assembly using our aluminum prototype tools or tools specially built for cost effective low volume production requirements. We added over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to mold world class limited production parts using aluminum tooling and we offer this service to a growing list of automotive and non-automotive customers alike.

3D printed Cashew gate

Our 1 piece design Cashew gate is produced in H13 material and can be customized for part profile. Standard sizes designed for .25" & .375" runners. Our inserts save you manufacturing time! 

Prices starting at $135.00 CDN

WTS nozzle Cooling Insert

Our Patent Pending design uses 3D printed additive metals with built in water channel of .25" diameter line which does not require water treatment or maintenance. Our inserts can be designed as blind tip or through face and are easily customized to extend to cover the runner or as a round insert for molding face install. While we have standard sized inserts, we can produce them with the part profile. By utilizing technology we can help reduce cycle times by controlling the heat source in the cooling phase. While we have seen 27% cycle time reduction a more modest 15-20% reduction time can be achieved with our inserts.

Prices start at $349.00 CDN

Conformal Cooling

By using Moldex3D simulation software we can validate a design to significantly reduce cycle times and improve part quality. Conformal Cooling inserts are superior to conventical steel or Moldmax inserts in manufacturing which this technology is ideal for challenging geometry or less than ideal molding conditions. We can produce these inserts in P-20 grade or Titanium alloy accurately and cost effective to achieve your cooling requirements. Some of our customers have already seen a 37% cycle time reduction by using this technology.

Injection Tooling

We have several partners that can provide affordable, quality tooling our area is known for. From our extensive mold making experience and working as industry supervisors we also understand how time constraints are paramount in this trade. Our mission is to set New Standard in Mold Making. We believe our customers are partner's in the industry and understand it's your success that drives our company forward. We are able to provide Preventative Maintenance, Repair Work, Engineering Changes and New builds for Injection Tooling both Domestic and Offshore on a 24/7 basis.

Offshore Tooling

We have the option to source Tooling through one of our Canadian Partners or we can source it direct saving even more money. WTS will manage the entire build for you, from validating the designs, sample runs at cycle time, provide timelines, steel verification, CMM reports, ship the tools into Canada, clean and validate the tools are 100% up to your standards then ship the tools into your facility. All Tools are brought in with CIF and DDP Terms. Our flexibility of service creates more options for your budget.

Fixtures & Automation Equipment

Over our many years in business, we have acquired extensive expertise in the design and build of gauges and fixtures.This has guided our evolution into a full-service provider of gauges, fixtures, automation, and specialty tooling for the automotive industry and other markets.  We are now one of the largest and most capable suppliers in North America.We control every step of our value chain, from the design process through to machining of components, assembly, and quality assurance.This level of vertical integration allows us to control for quality, mitigate risk, and pass along the most value possible to our customers.

Tier 2 Molding and Assembly

We have multiple partners that can provide Tier 2 Molding and Assembly in multiple locations. Ranging from 180T to 3,000T we can provide you with low volume part runs and assembly. We have locations available in Michigan and Ontario that can serivce your needs.